5 Camera Tricks That Dont Cost Any Money!

Cant afford to buy expensive camera gear or you would prefer to spend it on beverages. Dont worry i have your back! and your legs,feet and head.
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    • I know what your ankle tracker is! I have one actually. It's a dual function LED light and thats the back with the magnet. Same number of screws and everything. Also i really, really want to eat a kangaroo.

      C. BoneC. BoneUukausi sitten
    • I love it

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    • is it ok to use a wet bar of soap for the cheap camera slider?

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    • share it around yourself you filthy criminal

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    • * continues to like the comment *

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  • I just realized this videos 4 minutes und 20 seconds. lol. Proof: 4:20

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  • Honestly, the butter trick is pretty good

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  • All you need is a little person. And then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😂🤣

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  • But the camera was money

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  • Why the fuck did this make me laugh so hard?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • 1st step: Buy a camera

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  • For the magnifying glass, couldn’t you just screw with the focus on the camera

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  • I’m drunk

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  • Wow that butter slider is very useful. If you use more Butter, you can Butter the whole Floor. The the camera slides better.

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  • Look at how long the video is

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  • way late to the video, screw it wait a minute, that guy you broke into has your same piano, you better sue them

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  • Bruh. Im literally on house arrest wtf.... how random of you to bring it up... then again it was after your horrible break in scene. So not too random

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  • I actually got drunk for this. Nice

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  • When I was on house arrest I couldn't go in my backyard or balcony

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  • This video is a lie. Butter costs money.

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  • i did a thing: saying 'free and easy' and tactfully avoiding the word 'good' i did a thing: also making really good tips that are actually good i did a thing: drowning his camera in beer

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  • Beautiful sandwich.

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  • Watching this with a hangover Nearly threw up when he made that drunk effect 10/10

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  • How will you celebrate your 1 M sub

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  • I love it

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  • Nice

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  • Dude's jacked

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  • 4:20

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  • 5 ways to ruin ur camera

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  • 3:01

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    • beer

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  • THIS VIDEO IS FAKE! i have to the camera so the titlemia a lie :/

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  • i found 3 the most useful when i tried it

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  • This is absolutely hysterical!

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  • hi

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  • 5 Camera Tricks That Dont Cost Any Money! Also him: robbing da house

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  • 0:10 'For making a fcking delicious sandwich'

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  • The channel is called I did a thing u know why because he did a thing u know what it is the thing is he did a mess on the beer hack

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  • Where do I apply to get heart?

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  • do australian blts not have bacon?

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  • Now I know how it is to be drunk. Thank you.

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  • 420 nice

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  • who leaves keys under or anywhere near your front door

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  • Smooth transition from the beer glass to the beer goggles

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  • Y’all know I don’t have butter

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  • The butter one is very helpful

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  • You need to pay for the butter tho

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  • Unironically, I sometimes use a few of these tips.

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  • Can u do a video on how to record with a camera without a camera

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  • I wonder if he still reads these comments

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    • @I did a thing 1 hour after i commented, holy shit

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    • i do

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  • 1:25 I was today years old when I found out that’s how you pronounce balaclava

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  • I like how the length of this video is 4:20

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  • "a little person" where do i get that

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  • The magnifying glass is just me without my glasses... it's not a bad representation honestly I think my vision is actually worse though lmao

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  • Why did you rob your own home?

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  • I came here for the 5 tips thinking they were legit... NOT DISAPPOINTED! LMFAO!

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  • This was better than my 1 semester at community college, and I had to direct shit too :/

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  • you forgot the most important tip. ~ lick the lense, and clean it with the dirty shirt your wearing. Guaranteed to get that smooth~ dust lense smear.

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  • This is just so extra 😂

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  • I need to watch more of this guy.

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  • 1:24 1:37 The mask is different

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  • nice

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  • Can we talk about how this video is 420 long

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  • why is it every Aussie has a balacalava

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  • 4:20 haha

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  • The butter one might actually e good

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  • I make a better sandwich no one can out sandwich me

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  • 0:55 pov: you are under 6'0"

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  • 4:20 Nice

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  • Man so many people are still getting hearts after all this time. Anyway... I wish something were to happen to me to make me happy during the coronavirus pandemic... Maybe something to do with the best FIstartr on the platform...

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    • 😱 You made my day and quite possibly my year

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    • just for you

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  • It’s funny how this is so stupid, but actually works

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  • 420 jokes...

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  • 3:55 me without my glasses. Wait does this mean I'm smashed everytime I take of my glasses

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  • 5 minute crafts had enter the chat

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  • except buying the camera itself

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  • I had to buy a camera for this.

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  • That skit in tip no. 3 is so good, I laughed for a straight minute

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  • 2:39 why does every Australian have that torch thing lying around? lmao

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  • yea well some of us cant afford butter, magnifying glass's or small boys, mr. high roller

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  • Nice

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  • I still had to pay for the camera and the food, also internet, electricity bill, my mortgage my car to get most of the stuff, food to keep me alive todo this. and so on.

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  • How is it we've seen your face, yet still have no idea what you look like, all at the same time? Lol

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  • In 2020 we all in house arrest

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  • that last trick got me a DUI and a divorce! What do I do?!

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  • And now everybody is on house arrest so thanks 👍

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  • to

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  • You tip tied a torch to your foot and called it house arrest lmao

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  • You shall gi e this to paparazi

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  • You know you are seriously low key brilliant.

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  • Smashed after a 6 pack? Thought you were australian mate

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  • Look at the length of the video 😏👌

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  • The fact that your pouring name brand beer into a different name brand beer is the most soothingnes thing

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  • I knew the robbing one. U could just get fr free.frfree. and the butter 2. I guessrf

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  • 4:20💯

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  • Hey I'm here

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  • the camera cost money

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  • Okay, I finally watched it.

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    • @I did a thing thanks

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    • thanks

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  • Eh. I've seen worse in 5 minutes craft videos.

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  • Bro is nobody going to talk about this fucking guys muscles

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  • Nice

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  • I was actually thinking damn he’s good at making sandwich’s

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  • Lol the last one is genuinely how I feel when I'm drunk

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  • 3:48 is me without my glasses

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  • 3:01 smexy

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  • Do u need a camera for this

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