Can I Make A Spoon Using Only A Spoon?

The only thing you need to carve a spoon is a spoon.
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  • I used the spoon to create the spoon

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  • A-ato doc may I have some ice cream ,.... Only a spoonful king back pulls out a comedically large shoe

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  • FIstartrs are doing anything possible to get those last generations of money.

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  • the beans scene: people who vote anarchist side: yas people who build lego or are perfectionists: NO GOD PLEASE NOOOOOOOOO

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  • He littuarlly showed us his face

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  • Guess what? You can.

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  • I use the Spoon To Make A Spoon

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  • That thick bean scoop in the first 5 seconds never gets easier to watch.

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  • i used the spoon the make the spoon

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  • Are we not gonna talk about the number of spoons in that cutlery draw

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  • i thought the first part of him with the beans was a bean ad

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  • I'm dissapointed you didnt make a file on the spoon.

    Magna CartaMagna CartaPäivä sitten
  • The reason why spoons are made of spoons.

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  • Shout out to all who remember this song because of a Shotgun Willy song

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  • Thanks for the headache

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  • when youtube recommends you something it recommended you 2 years ago

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  • Indians don't need spoons

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  • Me sliding in to the dms like 0:00

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  • Spoon

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  • Well done, now you should try and make a spoon using only your spoon made spoon.

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  • All I say is spoon 🥄

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  • Circle spoon isn’t real it cannot hurt you

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  • seriously, get a life...

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  • boo you didnt sharpen the spoon making spoon with a sharpening spoon

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  • If a kid owned your channal:I did a poop.

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  • It concerns me he's doing all of this with no shoes

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  • Why am I watching this I have stuff I need to do. I don't even own a spoon.

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  • Your e voice is awesome ❤️

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  • I was just getting high when i ran across this video

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  • I just got rickrolled by a chip ad

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  • Cutting the sandpaper into a spoon lol

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  • OKAY! not only do you have a fun gimmick, you are a comedic genius!🤣Amazing video my guy!

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  • Thinking quickly dave made a spoon out a piece of wood, a pencil and a spoon

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  • This was the literal first video I’ve ever watched on this channel. I watched it without an account.

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  • Кто из мема?

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  • In Québec, Canada we use spoon as a musical instrument. Not kidding

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  • No you cant because you are also using your mind and body to make it

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  • Never seen so many spoons in a single place ...

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  • I don't think i've ever said what the fuck mixed with laughter more times in 8 minutes

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  • hey, overwatch player I can see

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  • When I saw him dipping his fingers into that bowl of beans as soon as this video started playing I'm pretty sure I had a mini seizure

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  • 5:03

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  • why why why

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  • Ha, nice intro

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  • congrats u broke a spoon!

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  • ANATHA AUSSIE LETS GOO idk why my entire recomended and subsbiribced i s aussie represeNT!

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  • oh boy oh boy... the reason it hardens has nothing to do with molecules :D it's get's hard because you're rebuilding the metal crystals in the metal and releasing the tension which was "frozen" when the spoon was formed (either from mold or from other material processing). Fun fact about this, if you would map out the crystal shapes in the not hardened spoon, you could actually see how the forces are "stored/saved" after the processing :) also! when you harden the metal you make it also less flexible and more brittle... but a bit more heat resistant (depends on metal, but some damaged crystals can form other crystals when heat treated, which gives different properties :) )

    Aleksandra KuleckaAleksandra Kulecka10 päivää sitten
  • If you dropped it and it broke I would die

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  • Hello, I'm here because of the meme.

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  • 2:40 no wonder it’s not working your using the file backwards

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  • Who else plays toca boca world and knows tha one song he sand papered to? I was like :0

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  • I hope you know it took the will power of every cell in my body to stick around after the first five seconds where you put your hand in the thiNG LIKE A wEIRDO

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  • i clam this is fake he also used: his hands a pencill wood scissers oil

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  • Make a fork with a fork then combine them and make a spork.

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  • *_"I used the spoon to make the spoon."_*

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  • Me, clicks video. Also me .01 seconds later, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Next can you make a fork into a knife

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  • U used more than one tool lmfao

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  • Hmmmmm, very interesting.

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  • Ur my favorite so funny,weird,curious and much more keep up the good work ur my favorite!

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  • It took only a split second to know this is going to be a good video.

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  • If you wanted to keep to your rules the vice really should have been made out of spoons, aswell as the furnace and yourself

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  • This is what the magic is doing when your using shadow clone jutsu on a spoon

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  • Now make a spoon using the spoon you’ve made from a spoon.

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  • But why didn't you give him the sandpaper spoon in the first place?

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  • I'm happy I watched a man Jack off a spoon

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  • *11:30PM:* I should go to bed *3:00 AM:* Can I Make A Spoon Using Only A Spoon?

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  • 5 min crafts be like:

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