Can Rockets be used to Plant Trees?

I have always felt that planting trees was a boringly peaceful affair, so introducing TREE ROCKETS!
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  • Yes i know they arent actually "Rockets". Fight me!

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    • Ok

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    • Bro your fucking amazing

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    • No plastics plz

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    • o que tem a ver o bolsonaro seu bundão

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  • 7:39 the plane in the forshadow for shadowing that this works my minds blown then it works

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  • Hold on a what shooter?

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  • Bald gang

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  • Tampon launchers always come in handy. Our American friends could use some at the moment. 🍺

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  • Could of made the cones out of hard dirt

    That JDM kidThat JDM kid3 päivää sitten
  • add fins behind the center of mass for stability :]

    Vihaan AjayaVihaan Ajaya4 päivää sitten
  • I know you already had the toilet paper mixture but maybe you could have bought some biodegradable airsoft bbs, melted them down and molded them into cones. I have no idea if that would have worked

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  • It’s a good thing I don’t have a father cause I’d be worried

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  • 8:49 *heavy Japanese breathing*

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  • 0:23 what did you say

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  • the brazilian wandering spider gives you an erection when it stings you

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  • You should have used a substitute for the trees like ballistic gelatine or something :(

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  • Instead of saying paint jobs he should have said blo HAY NO TALKING

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  • you shoulde of made them out of carrots

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  • #PETT People for the ethical treatment of Trees !

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  • How much you guys bet the monkeys will dog them up

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  • Your mum's kinda hot...

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  • V i a g r a s p i d e r

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  • Bold of you to assume I have a father

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  • Viagra spiders

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  • I enjoyed your video. I saw one similar years ago, where the humans were dropping saplings encased in ice rockets. The ice had fertilizer mixed in to give the sapling a boost. They had excellent penetration when dropped from a helicopter into the side of a burned out mountain.

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  • did it work

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  • Viagra spiders 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Oh no he started world war tree!

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  • “And why would the monkeys burn down its home” Elementary my dear whoeverthefuckisreadingthis. Insurance fraud. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, so you burn your tree branch down, get that delicious 500k check, and live in a trailer for less than 500k. Easy

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  • Dude, you have an amazing voice.

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  • Obviously he is not in 2029 where toilet paper has the value of platinum

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  • Missed the chance to name it plowing tree.

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  • "grams of force" HA, get's me every time

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  • Spider warning ⚠️

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  • i like the little tree ( little boy) fat tree (fat boy) refrence

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  • fat tree and little tree. I see what you did there.

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  • Has any genius thought of just dropping seeds from low altitude instead of these sapling-prepped death missiles? How many jaguars do we have to impale so you can sell these things, Lockheed Martin? 😂

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  • Kim Jong Un will be very happy about this

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  • He like William osman but scary

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  • “This is so American” *plays Russian music*

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  • 0:00 That literary freaked me out

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  • Reject humanity *return to monke*

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  • You named the trees little tree and fat tree after the first nuclear bombs

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  • Oh ... wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

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  • Your family is cool, man

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  • song at 5:00?

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  • really? little tree and fat tree?

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  • TeamTrees: plants 20 million trees Companies: welp just more lumber!

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  • "And you might be thinking 'why would a monkey want to burn down the place in which is lives?" - A human. Seriously, though.. Look at nuclear weapons, that takes it to a whole 'nother level.

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  • #TeamTrees

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  • At the end of the video: I lied before I didn’t use toilet paper.

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  • What’s the song used

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  • omfg "Viagra spiders" im crying

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  • This is just america being america

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  • Why didn't you make them look like carrots 🥕

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  • wheres that one guy named monke?

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  • I get the joke "little tree" and "fat tree" there bombs or missiles war bombs names: "little boy" "fat man"

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  • Ok its official now, you are my favorite channel on yt

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    • finally

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  • I saw the thumbnail and thought they were carrots

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  • This is the most genius way of planting trees. I hope a big company watches this video

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  • That Boner is called (Rigor Mortis) aka "HardOn" -Rock Dick - Erection - Dildo - Black Guy.....Esextra Esc..esc..

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  • i have come from 2020 to tell you team tree are planning to make tree nukes

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  • Why not use jungle saplings and bonemeal?

  • This is a how ridiculous crossover waiting to happen

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  • *_NATO would like to know your location_*

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  • wow using trees to make trees

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  • This is like that cyanide and happiness animation where they invented guns the shoot full grown plants

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  • wouldn't it be smarter to launch these rockets with seeds in them?

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  • This guy is too much

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  • I got 2 midroll adds lol

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  • The wall is spose to keep the titans out

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  • "Hour long boners" -A Wise Man

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  • I'm from brazil

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  • Hi guys! if u love the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. if you think this is fake, u can always look at their channel in youtube. Also stay safe guys :)

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  • this is probably what started the fires down there

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  • É BR garai

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  • "I faked the shot of me faking the shot."

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  • fucking liar, but at least you tell us. I accept that.

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  • Can you show us your "abusing animals" playlist in 4:48

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  • YT recommendations worked! What is this channel?

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  • 5:45 then we’ll pack our cones with plants

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  • And that's why you drop your tree missiles from a plane and put fins on them.

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  • hey btw this is in the reddit review that pewdiepie just did 1:43

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  • I love how an Australian can see Brazilian corruption better than many Brazilians.

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  • Did you know a large amount of the deforestation is due to the natives burning it out to create farmland. Its not just as simple as blaming a politician or a corporation, its a blend of all of them.

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    • not natives

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  • Brush I thought these were carrots

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  • Im Using you as a Proof of concept when I make an Artificer/Druid for DND

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  • The chances of actually hitting animals with them is very small, depending on how many you’re dropping per area measurement.

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  • Im legit 13 and only listening to 1920 songs......the only artist I listen too from this generstion is Billie Eilish....Y E S

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  • I got add for using less toilet paper

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  • Hahahaha! "Tree bombs" are not a new thing. I remember watching a TV show back in the late 1970s (called "What Will They Think Of Next?"), and they were talking about a company developing tree bombs way back then. That was over 40 years ago!

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  • i have 3 avocado trees and i live in northern illinois lol

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  • Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

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  • Every outdoor scene in your videos is gorgeous, what country are you in? I want to guess New Zealand

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    • Na australia mate

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  • I like how he's like: "If I can't, nobody can"

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  • That would be great for an egg drop *cough* *cough* WilliamOsman

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  • it's TreeNT

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