Do Bees Actually Like Jazz?

Testing an unbeelievable viewer suggestion. Original frog video:
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  • Check out the original jazz playing frog:

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    • lol

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    • @Guy Guyson This is a great comment

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    • Your like an Australian Kramer

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    • Ok dad I am so sorry that I am late for homework is it still acceptable to hand it in now? Thanks and sorry again

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  • song at 9:10? sounds amazing

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  • 8:00 Those bees hit each other! XD

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  • Don’t say frog stiffy

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  • I don't need sleep. I NEED ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 10:49 there is an imposter among us!!!

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  • who eslse wants honey from pepole who stick there fingers in the jar?

    Aiden WakefieldAiden Wakefield9 päivää sitten
  • That sax playing is fire tho

    Aerín EvergreenAerín Evergreen10 päivää sitten
  • just swapping the locations of the speaker would really help indicate if it was that or other factors like proximity to the road etc,( i just got a hive this year so net summer ill try it) but fascinating fun either way.

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  • Impossible

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  • 9:07 they look like a 5yo trying to play a plane simulator

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  • We have the same handwriting. Are you the good twin or the evil one?

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  • I think that frogs like jazz because they are super cool guys (or not guys). I feel if I had done the experiment I would’ve just got frogs before the test or try to obtain them with jazz. I would not have included the part we’re you trying to make the frogs get down and dirty because that maybe culturally inappropriate but I do hope your frog pornography Gets up and going. In the end I did enjoy the scientific study of whether frogs like jazz or not and I hope to see more jazz animal content. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a this is technically 300 words.

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  • Ya like jazz? -2020

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  • I like jazz

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  • Why are Australians jus ok with anything, the bee keeper was wearing shorts

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    • Most bees kept for honey are mostly docile.

      Code NameCode Name3 päivää sitten

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  • phew. Thought i was the only one who didn't do the homework

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  • Me Watching at 3am: “I don’t need sleep I need answers”

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  • I have never seen a bee's tongue thingy before... Creepy...

  • It’s official, bees HATE jazz

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  • ya like jazz?

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  • You didn't play the right kind of jazz music that suits their taste. Try bebop, big band, or even fusion jazz!

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  • Hey future me, we stopped at 7:27

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  • Just here to get aware every non-italian person that we really use the nanny excuse for everything

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  • Speakers don't give the same affect to insects, as they do to us with ears. Same with animals as well. The sound out of speakers isn't the actual sound, but a digital replication of it. Actual sax or jazz instruments actually might've had a better reaction, because of the actual movement, heat, and energy created. My theory, at least.

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  • 7:54

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  • Not calling yourself Bees Aldrin was a huge mistake

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  • I’m a saxophone player and the way you opened that case triggered me lol

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  • Is it weird how he's so funny but he sounds serious

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  • Ya like jazz?

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  • Bobby Duke sent me 😁

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  • I choked when you mentioned Freddie Mercury

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  • me what if my bird died

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  • Srry my Nana died

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  • My main problem with the bee movie wasn’t beestiality it was the notion that the art of beekeeping was immoral. The primary bee for honey production was called the white mans fly according to the native Americans when the European honey bee migrated. The first step is the acknowledgements of the colony collapse syndrome as it can bee culled by isolation through beekeeping and the acknowledgement that it is actually a symbiotic relationship when the bee stays in a premade stable nest next to other neighboring nests(which helps with breeding) and guaranteed protection through beekeepers. All of this is in exchange for the occasional smoking(which safely knocks them out) and the harvesting of their sticky vomit. It is completely fair of a trade and nobody gets hurt or killed except colonies that don’t fall under beekeepers because they are prone to colony collapse syndrome bears and deforestation

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  • When I searched up ya like jazz last night I saw this vid and I’m like wtf? Lol

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  • those bees are so clumsy

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  • Can I have a extension my cat ran away 1 year ago and my nans dog died 1 year ago too

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  • 10:45 Fly: "I have infiltrated their defenses. They think i'm one of them."

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  • My man the bee keeper legit only wearing protective gear for his head, like nah i got the headgear, they know what it means

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  • 9:01-9:39 best part

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  • 8:19 - 8:21 PERFECT SCORE 10/10

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  • 8:01 that is a perfect sync with the song bro hahaha

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  • You like jazz?

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  • Hay your writing looks like mine it’s 100% similar

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  • 8:28 "And his name is JOHN CENA!!!!"

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  • “All of Italy is making that excuse” bro I-

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  • yo now i wanna watch 10 hours of bees being idiots

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  • I did a thing I did a thing I did a thing

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    • How do I delete comment

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  • Stewart is a man of no pain, he was getting stung and didn’t even take the stingers out

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  • 10:49 imposter lolll

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  • Yes I do like jazz

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  • This dude gets 1million+ views per video, this shows quality>quantity

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  • Ya like jazz?

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  • 8:01 I can’t stop rewatching this

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  • Ya like jazz if so enter the white van

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  • I can play jazz, so I’d be willing to go out to Australia to help you with the experiment

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  • “Ya like jazzz”

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  • Well coming from a bee myself, I absolutely love jazz. Can't say the same for my other bee peers. But the question is... Ya like jazz?

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  • maybe beekeepers are nerds and dont do I.V. drugs or go to bareback orgies, while smoking tons of cheapo native cigarettes and operating backalley x-ray clinics.

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  • Ya like jazz

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  • *y a l i k e j a z z ?*

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  • Those two bees at time 8:02 loved jazz so much they were dissoriented and crashed into each other.

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  • The sound waves might’ve messed up their flight

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  • Wooooow you’re greaaat at playing saxophone...

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  • I think you should of used real instruments.. they don’t like compressed mp3 format

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  • I hope the bees enjoyed the jazz

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  • 7:55 that bee had me cracking up

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  • So are we gonna talk about the bee that killed the other bee at 8:01 ?

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  • "look at them, so happy, with their bums in the air" Bees are so adorable :)

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  • Watching bees being idiots in slow motion is probably my new favorite hobby

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  • ya like jazz?

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  • I’m sorry but you’re just not very good at saxophone

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  • More slow mo bee music montages are required

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  • Australians really are the peak of human evolution, NOTHING scares them

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  • at 6:11 the bees get their 420 time now 😏... imagine someone brakes into your main entrance door of your apartment and somkes your apartment neatly with high quality herbs and screams its 420 time 😂🤣

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  • at 1:18 my phone: **jazz start to flow out of my phone speaker** Me: **wiggling my jazz hands as a natural reaction like a peecock proudly its tail feders**

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  • 9:03 a tag

    TÔNKIN du 4VNTÔNKIN du 4VN2 kuukautta sitten
  • yA lIke jAzZ?

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  • Song at 9:12

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  • That’s..

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  • soyboy

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  • Whenever I have my phone playing sound wasps get pissed and will utterly swarm my phone. Now in Canada bees are super chill. But when I was vacationing in Arizona I had to get the old shotgun out to deal with the illegal beemigrants trying to charge my phone like there ass is Don Quixote.

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  • I like how the bees accidentally hit eachother when flying

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  • i first thought... "nice, he pays the sax" *next second* opens the case upside down...

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  • 10:49 That bee looks pretty suspicious 🤨

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  • 7:55, 8:27 *crash* into me, so bees do like jazz

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  • I like jazz

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  • Yo a long form doco from u would be sick, id pay like $5-$9AUD for it.

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  • Bruh i got an ad from Honey while watching this video. Coincidence? I think not

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  • This aged like milk

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  • By the way the bee are so focused on taking pollun that you can even touch them so I guess jazz won't work either way.

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  • Well, what can I say, after watching this video, I actually have a theory why the bees don't like the jazz. Since you have actually requested a 300 word critique by thursday at the start of this video I will do my best to endeavour to answer the question, while using 300 words. By next thursday should be fine, since today is monday and I have better things to do than sit around all day typing comments on youtube. Better things to do, so off I go! Job done! Before I leave tho', here is my theory as to why the bees don't like jazz. 1. They don't have ears so they can't hear the sound waves that humans interpret as jazz. They don't know so just don't care. Hear no evil, hear no jazz, who cares in a care-free bee world, they don't. 2. They are highly sensitive to EMF frequencies humans can't see or hear instead, meaning they will be highly sensitive to the electro-magnetic waves produced using the wifi / bluetooth speaker, and won't like it at all since it will **** them up! As you can see clearly from the footage they had a brief look, then vacated the area and left the scene of the alien EMF bluetooth radiation frequencies like a scene of a crime, the artificial EMF emitter turned into a no go area for bees. They didn't even want its sugar or honey, not good enough for them, toxic style! 3. There are experiments out there to show how wifi / bluetooth and mobile phone radiation affects beehives, mostly involving showing how they mess with the bees and their navigation and architectural systems in their tiny heads. The bees natural internal GPS and geometric skills go to pot and they don't like it, so that's why their basic reaction will be to stay away! They might have other affects too, I don't know about, because I'm not a scientist. Maybe the bluetooth / wifi mobile phone rays causes them to be sick or drop out of the sky or messes up their geometric skills. Maybe the bluetooth speaker transmits radioactive rays that make the bees feel like they are being fried by cryptonite just like Superman. Who knows. I don't know, but it's certainly food for thought in terms of material for more potential experiments if you're thinking of doing any. You could try seeing how bees deal with conventional beatbox radios with batteries, old fashioned wired speakers, telephones, or music played through basic air compression leads and see how it goes, and even donate your evidence to global scientists in the fight against Elon Musk, the military-industrial complex that is being controlled by aliens that designed the technology behind modern radioactive mobile phone and speaker technology and 5G. I'm sure bees and humans and the chance for all of life on the planet to live in peace and harmony with technology that is designed to be harmonious with the planet's using Schumman resonances and 440 hz or something along those harmonic vibes would be a good thing too. To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Time will tell the Bee-Gs will be better than 5G any day of the week, even a monday. The end. That's probably at least 300 words. So there you go! Hope it's not too much, but hopefully this small diatribe can definitely be described as an essay. See ya. From the UK. Over and out. ✌🙏😊 That's "583 words 3,222 characters" according to an online wordcounter I just found. So there you go, job done!

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  • I don't why I'm watching this but this is calming.

    Ashwani GautamAshwani Gautam2 kuukautta sitten
  • @10:49 imposter!

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  • You like jazz?

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  • do you like jazz

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