How to make a Band when you have no friends

Today I'm a teach you how to make a one-man band so you can steal jobs from all the musicians around you!
Shoe Spring video:
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  • If you'd like to hire Vulo to perform the best song in the world over and over again, please send your inquiries to

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    • @Stone_Pickaxe thanks alot

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    • @chromso It is Prelude in E Minor Op. 28 No. 4 in E Minor by Chopin. I use a Google Chrome extension called Aha music and you can actually click it while the song's playing and it'll tell you what the song is if it can find it. It worked especially well here since there wasn't talking over it.

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    • Add this to spotify

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    • Can he please make a full cover of the song?? Im still rewaching the vid to hear the songgg 🙏😍

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    • What about a alarm clock that stabs you if you try to hit the snooze button

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  • Internet WARNING this year 2021

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  • not since the conductor revolution of 2001 that built thousands of large wooden trains

    Donut_man360noscopeDonut_man360noscope2 päivää sitten
    • and destroyed humanity

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  • This video made me happy.

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  • £200 bear

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  • Ten times humanity got destroyed by a sad story number one slot is this

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  • ninja turtle cosplay

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  • I’m surprise people even looked at him

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  • 11:10 look he is so happy

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  • That sounds way better than I expected: groove it!

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  • Didn’t realize how diverse Australia is

    Roe JoganRoe Jogan7 päivää sitten
  • Is that requiem for Annie by parov stelar?

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  • This thing is actually pretty good I mean people were dancing to it.

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  • the song is a bop tho

    Michał BorysławskiMichał Borysławski10 päivää sitten
  • Ah, the rare and exotic Vibraslap. Such a rarity in today's world, as they are sadly near extinction.

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  • this is so wholesome, nobody would dance in america

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  • This is my personal favorite video of 2019.

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  • Next level!

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  • Huge props to that guy for actually being able to pull it off😂

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  • i'm new so i don't know his kids name but i thought he was funny

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  • 11:13 the guy behind him is mooning the camera

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  • I like this version of the song better

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  • No te pagan lo suficiente para tan alta obra de arte

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  • He should make a video about how to be a one nut wonder

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  • Other youtubers: name their fanbase after themselves or something generic I did a thing: LOYAL SAMOANS

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  • That was a slamer

    Aaron SongerAaron Songer22 päivää sitten
  • Your friend looks so sad.

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  • This is perfect

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  • I unironically cried about the conductor being left

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  • I feel lonely now

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  • This went so well better than expected.

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  • goes into town.. lol

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  • 3:36 Child slavery itensifires

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  • the worst part is that it's actually good

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  • Why did the leaving of the conductor part make me teary ? Like wtf I know it's obviously a joke, yet I felt bad for him, as if he legit left a dog or a cat out there LMAO

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  • this made me laugh so much

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  • 1:43 The Australian Maytag man

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  • That conductor scene was really sad.

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  • Why does this guy remind me of Liam Thompson so much?

  • Man, this guy's too good at making non-chalant jokes

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  • I just found this chanel and I'm a kiwi, you are possibly the best aussie I have seen.

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  • How to make a band when you have no friends. Step 1: Develop instrument skills Step 2: Display your skills and find other people who also have skills. Step 3: Get together and play music.

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  • Holy shit why am i crying

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  • You took a lot of money

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  • As stupid as this is, it made people smile and thats all that matters.

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  • I have gained chromosomes, thank you

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  • I mean music is already kinda automated. Isn't it? Wait, IT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME!! YOU AUTOMATED MUSIC!!

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  • Good luck stealing unemployment Eddie.

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  • ...or you could just be pinkie pie...

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  • It was hard to watch the drum get cut In half

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  • did you play seven nation army at 4:48?

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  • Why is that skit actually sad

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  • Oh my god I love this!!!

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  • When Eddie Murphy gets paid to steal someone’s job, do you think he gets paid for the job as well? That seems like a good gig

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  • this is some of the best content i've seen in a while. it is especially helpful during quarantine, and i couldn't stop laughing. 100% worth a subscription

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    • Thanks mate. Welcome

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  • So we both agreed...... Lmao

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  • mr.thing is genuinely an attractive man

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  • lOoSeR

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  • The funny thing is that there is a Welsh story about the one man band who walked up and down the street playing music and entertaining the locals every day

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  • Has this guy ever heard of merry Poppins

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  • The into was depressing

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  • Australia's got talent!!

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  • There are no words in the english language, as of now, to accurately express how enthusiastically i absolutely adore this channel❤(: PLEEEEEASE never stop recording yourself doing absolutely fascinating activities & never stop uploading those videos onto the internet, for me/us to enjoy!❤(:

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  • Why must you hurt me in this way

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  • This channel is like no other man. Fuckin great job on this one

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  • Seeing you guys out on the street making all those people smile is awesome! I think this band needs to make a comeback!

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  • As a musician myself I have got to say, that was freaking awesome! I know that must have been difficult to make and to perform using, and that makes it all the more impressive. That was super fun to watch, and also very well performed. On behalf of the people of Samoa, I say way to go dudes!

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  • this single video made me realize how underappreciated your visions are, bravo good sir bravo

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  • This is fucked 😂😂😂😂 It’s very nice

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  • Blink-182 to blink-1

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  • This is so amazing 😂

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  • bruh i was straight up crying when the conductor was released into the wilds

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  • actually that was not bad music

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  • Why-- this video got so wholesome at the end

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  • Automated singers? Wait till you heard of Vocaloids. They get their own holographic concerts and shit

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  • You deserve way more subs

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  • The saddest thing is, when people release their conductors into the wild, they die almost every time. They don’t know how to survive in the wild, with no house trains around to conduct, they can’t survive and will always starve or freeze to death.

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  • expensive

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  • If we dont get a full vulo cover I will tear off his mustache

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  • I swear to gawd, there was a 14 minute ad in the middle of this video. Fucking 14 minutes.

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  • I just noticed, you look kinda like tommy angelo

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  • releasing the train driver into the wild was more depressing than your Halloween costume

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  • I cried with laughter. Oh my fucking god this was great.

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  • Your friends singing is actually really good

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  • 8:39 40 * iS nOt HOt

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  • Man you guys fucking awesome

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  • Was your one man band mate in Aunty Donna's houee of fun episode 4? We thought we saw him but can't verify it in any way?

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  • 11:37

    ZedStepZedStep2 kuukautta sitten
  • 9:20

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  • 3:40 werk now

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  • it already exists rock a fire explosion

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  • This is excellent content

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  • You didn't just do a thing, you did a great thing. Thank you for making this, both of you guys.

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  • That was dope

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  • it doesn't even spend that bad tho

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  • You mean being a dj?

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  • Im german and my companies security officer, i think everything you showed is quite justifiable but your sitting ergonomic is not good, you have to work on that!

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  • i really would not want to be your friend

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  • This is the best thing you’ve ever accomplished.

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