How to Reduce Baby Unemployment!

Its about time babies started pulling their weight in society, i made the device to help them do it.
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    • is that small human your child?

    • His baby not cute

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    • Human baby's are retarded

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  • So... what exactly do the other 10% of babies do??! 🧐

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  • When I say I can’t read, I mean I can’t read. I read the title like “how to seduce a baby” in the tittle... had to look twice.

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  • 0:52 the life of a speed runner

  • How is the baby unemployment rate from 0-2 years 90%?

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  • Today i learn child labour are needed and wood was so expensive because wood did not grow on tree

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  • “It never happens... maybe once?” What do you know I don’t, I need answers.

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  • If humans are useless, then there's no need for human to be created.

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  • He’s both serious and just kiddi gat the same time

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  • I don’t know if he’s ever addressed the baby in his videos as his own child, so I like to think he just took a baby from somewhere.

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    • I think it's his sister's child.

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  • Sir that's two baby ducks

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  • 3:49 wait, what about the other 10 percent?

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  • 3:57 wtf is that other 10 percent doing mate, and what are those 30% of 2-12 doing? I sure had no job then

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  • last of us music

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  • The people getting smarten and smarter part didn’t happen to everyone

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  • Babies eat everything they meet Girl: Aww they’re so cute Baby: Sucks her into their stomach like kirby

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  • It’s called an abortion

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  • 6:54 the song is "the old man kasem remix"

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  • Anyone else worried that a baby is using something that can chop a head off??

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  • It is so irresponsible that he made the baby do it! 😡 he committed child endangerment!!

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    • This was a joke btw

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  • Wait Wait what So 10% of 0-2 years babies work????

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  • 4:09 that's Jean Piaget. Swiss child developmental psychologist. Cool dude. Defenitly not Andrei Pikler

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  • If it's a gifted child just eat it to raise your iq

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  • i feel kinda bad. im 16 and unemployed

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    • get a job

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  • Is anyone going to talk about the 10% of babys under 2 that work!!!!!

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  • wait 90%? does that mean 10% of babies have jobs?

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  • Can you do more animal vids

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  • There not useless!!! if you cook them long enough they taste better than when they were alive

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  • Is this child labor

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  • Child labor No. Baby labor No no not that. Cuteness labor Yes yes cuteness labor

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  • Wait who says they arent little drunk people

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  • that baby is so cute

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  • We get it, you have snacks and I don’t

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  • Wait 10% of baby’s under the age of 2 have jobs

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  • You know you can turn bismuth into gold right?

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  • Instructions clear. Arrested for child labor. 10/10

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  • Your son is super cute! Makes me miss my son.

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  • Baby humans are so fucking hideous.

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  • I'm convinced the people disliking this video are the Australians liking it.

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  • 2:06

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  • theres still some fucking issues with this idea. I work security but having a 2 year old as a buddy, even if he had trained with what you made there, he wouldn't be able to drive a car or shine a heavy flasklight at teenagers and yell loudly at them

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  • he's supposed to be australian? where's his ciggies? Where's his VB long neck?

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  • I wanna meet the 10% that are employed.

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  • I feel like this baby has been the same age for way too long

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  • india simulator

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  • 2:15 ... day 200 of quarantine: I am uncomfortable. Please help

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  • This is de Addams family movie

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  • Haven’t seen a comment asking about that 10% of babies pulling a 9-5 job. What fucking excuse do you have?

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  • 0:00 wheel yes

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  • you just see a baby in the military in a warzone

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  • I did a thing:babys are useless. also I did a thing:shows a baby do work I cant even do

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  • hold on, 10% of babies are not unemployed?

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  • Is that your kid

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  • You young Sir are out of your flipping mind!!! ........I'm a fan now. Lmao

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  • Little does this baby know he's gonna be raised by feral cats, lizards and magpies.

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  • 3:12 no they are not

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  • As a Samoan I can verify that it is indeed true

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  • Thank you Samoa!

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  • i absolutely utterly despise babies

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  • 1:45 I was surprised that the second to last skull was bigger than the modern one and then I realized it's just a neanderthal skull

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  • I still can't tell if this dude is the best brother ever or just a wholesome dad.

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  • We need to enlist baby’s into world war 2

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  • Funny...wonder what the remaining 10% of those babies are doing for work

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  • 3:54 then what is the other 10 percent?.....

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  • Ok but baby aardvarks are way cuter than human babies

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  • Your baby is in work force...! employed by FIstart 😂😂😂

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  • Are you the father of the baby?

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  • Those dang babys coming into our world, taking our jobs! It's outrageous!

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  • What about the other 10 percent

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  • Wen you realize that a baby is better at making stuff then you are

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  • America in 5 words: *and killing eachother for oil*

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  • Duck in pool ?!?!?!?!?

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  • that was a picture of jean piaget

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  • Isn't this called China

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  • You should always wear the palmless gloves. Your nails hurt my eyes. Lol

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  • Oh god. Babys are so ugly.

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  • You can tell he is careful around his kid, he has socks on for once

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  • Even if he claims He’s bad at building we all know he’s the best dancer

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  • I love it when he starts dancing

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  • Um it wasn’t all the baby’s head it was actually women’s waist they use to be in the womb for a longer time but women’s waist got slimmer so

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  • 3:13 Oh no I'm sorry but I just can't agree with ya here... Pretty much any animal baby (including aardvark) is cuter than any human baby, but hey as long as parents find their own babies cute the evolution did a great job!! After all, my own mum was delusional enough to think I was cute enough to keep me from dying for 18 years (even though that aardvark is way cuter than me), which is really fortunate.

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  • How come human babies are not just completely useless, but also the ugliest of all? I would like to file a complaint please

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  • Why do exist, why do we multiply?! *This is what happens, when you buy cheap condoms.*

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  • That's the cutest baby ever.

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  • Babies produce the foreskin that feed rabbi

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  • Fun fact: we were all useless once in our lives

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  • I know there drunk looking and usless

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  • Great tutorial for teaching your children 'how to start their own pyramid scheme', and 'Climbing the corporate ladder for children' 😂I could stop thinking of business puns, sorry

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  • babies are an investment you take care of them they take care of you in the long run

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  • I dad a thing

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  • daaaaamn those moves lookin fresh

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