I Hit The Worlds Fastest Ping Pong Ball!

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This is an educational video exploring why im not very good at playing table tennis.
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  • Now shoot a projectile out off this

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  • I'm not racist I eat Asian food I did a thing

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  • Click bait

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  • I hope this madman has no children and that baby is not his child. I still love those feet.

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  • Which kind of ar-15 there are pistol,carbine, and rifle also the guns materials.

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  • 1:30 and we wonder about all the bush fires

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  • Symphony no 5 perfect timing :)

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  • I need a dramatic, generic anime scene of a supersonic ping pong ball going through the racquet now Like the guy is losing and summons all his strength and hits an absolute haymaker and then the camera repeatedly shows it break through his opponents racquets while everyone makes generic anime shock noises

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  • welp now we know how the first gun was made

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  • The mythbusters did the same thing

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  • Danger

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  • Imagine living for 106 years and a ping pong ball takes you out?? You live through 2 world wars and a depression, and you will always be remembered as the guy killed by a ping pong ball.

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  • Honestly think I am in love w this dude, his humour is spot on

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  • 😂😂😂 Ma Long in 1976 vs Primorac. The funny thing is that these are both (the former being the GOAT) modern day professional players but I am pretty positive they weren’t born yet then lol.

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  • B

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  • I like your American measuring units XD

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  • ...”I’m not a racist, as I regularly eat Asian food”... -I did a thing 2020

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  • Record wildfires down under: Spins torches on a slackline

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  • Actually, every website you visit with HTTPS, your data is encrypted, so no one can get your info.

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  • Has anybody realized that this guy is really good at art At least I think that's his art after the diagram in the video

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  • You need to make a potato launcher that uses combustion. They can shoot far strong and seeing a potato cause some destruction is hilarious.

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  • could get rid of those feral cats you have if "teaching" them how to play ping pong 😈

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  • "Ma long...1976..." Bruh Ma Long was born in the late 1980s

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  • Congratulations, you’ve created a anti-personnel shrapnel round out of a pingpong ball. According the the international Red Cross committee of geneva “ In order to secure the greatest military benefit from fragmentation effects, the spread of fragments must be as even as possible over the area within which, by virtue of their velocity, the fragments retain a high incapacitation- or kill­ probability. It would be a waste of available fragment material to make the fragments too large, but if they were made too small, they would lose too much of their energy through retardation before hitting the target. A compro­mise approach that has been exploited since the time of World War II is .the use of clusters of small fragmentation munitions. “ This would imply that since your pingpong balls burst upon contact in a random pattern, and with unethical kill:hit ratio, it would be classified as either a warcrime to use, or go through several long and conviluted court cases.

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