Making a scorpion bottle opener out of a screw

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This was my first time metal working and I spent way to long making this bottle opener and inhaled a little too much zinc oxide.
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  • This is his first video guys

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  • Instructions unclear, I no longer have the necessary equipment, I'm now missing myself and everything else I needed

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  • His fence just casually starting to burn

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  • You know you can die from zinc intilation right ? Thats why blacksmiths say whatever doesnt rust do not trust

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    • I would like to think they have improved a little bit ahaha. This one literally took 2 hours to make

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  • The messed up screw he threw in the dirt is what started those wildfires.

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  • now make a bottle scorpion opener

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  • I can't tell if you're taking a piss about the zinc, but it's not that bad. Nothing like heavy metals anyway. It doesn't have cumulative effects. If you start feeling sick after inhaling a bunch of zinc fumes, drink a bunch of whole milk. The fat and lactic acid work together and turn the zinc into a salt that your body can use & expell the rest.

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  • Watching in 6 31 pm Monday August 10 2020

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