My Bee Hive Brings All The Bees To The Yard

Everybody loves western honey bees so i thought it was about time someone showed their lonely solitary cousins some love. Come with me as i torment some bees and a baby.
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  • Attention! I am heading overseas to a country that begins with C and ends with Hina for a couple of weeks. So you wont get a new video for at least a month sooo watch this one three times. thanks.

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    • Canahinada

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    • Bee honest, did you have a polygamous relationship with some bats while over there?

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    • So where are you going in America?

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    • Canada?

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    • Man the bees are like my dad he left

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  • Idk 1:05 sounds like a lot of fun

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  • #Dani and the boners poured the creek

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  • Just like just because you put syrup on shit it don't make it a pancake

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  • Habbo hotel lol omg

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  • I don’t think you are going to live that long mr.

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  • 0:17 music?

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  • "It's open for BEE-siness" 9:55

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  • The defqon symbol?! Fucking awesome! Rave on!! ❤️🖤

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  • 1:10 actually in china they are doing that for real because they have so few bees.

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  • Bees are a envasive species in america we never needed then before but now yes because natural polonators in america are low

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  • please show steel toed crocs!!!!!

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  • Wait were you the one that poured milk in the water

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  • Wow, I actually had no idea solitary bees even existed?! How is it not more talked about?? Never thought I would learn so much from this channel lol

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  • Just by the damn glue gun

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  • 1:45 I feel like a facebook mom saying this but that's the cutest thing I've ever seen

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  • 3:11 : It seems Dani has been here

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  • I want you to make a dispenser that will nonstop make you drink water, 1 bottle every 2 minutes. If you do it I’ll give you 1,000,000 dollars.

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  • How will you celebrate your 1 M sub

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  • How will you celebrate your 1 M sub

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  • these invasive fucking honey bees need to get the hell out of America

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  • If any of y'all do decide to make a bee hotel of your own, you'd be better off replicating the one shown at 5:42, or even just drilling holes into the side of stumps like suggested at 5:53. They might be harder to clean out after the season, but you really want each nesting cavity to be farther apart than those in the final version as well as the bee hotels which can be bought online. In nature these cavities are quite a distance from each other and keep in mind these are SOLITARY bees. Having them nest so close together puts them as risk of spreading disease. Source: a forest entomologist who knows a fucklot more than me.

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  • Stingless bees??? In Australia???

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  • Give me some money

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  • Less than 1 minute into the video and the ammount of propaganda is staggering! On the topic of the population of bees declining its not because of us normal humans, but because of the implementation of more High Frequency EM Radiations Antenas all around the world. Rot in hell

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    • Ahahaha

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  • that intro song gave me a reminder of msbreezy

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  • man you were really shaking that baby

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  • bee populatiins actually aren't declining

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  • 4:02 Not a bee but close enough.

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  • 2:00 i love you cute little baby person thing.

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  • 1:08 Who’s this sexy gal?

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  • that morph suit game though..... my guy 🤣

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  • did the bees like your hotel? and did that bloke stop molesting your plants....

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  • You will get a one year bee keeping kit. for your practice catch your bees 5000 Live bees have just been released into the crowd. catch your bees !!!!!!

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  • 2:08 is... is your baby ok?

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  • Honey bees aren’t the only bees bruh

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  • it's un-bee-lievable how he brings all of the bees to his yard

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  • William run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 😅 I thought the baby was doll

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  • Bee species? No.. Beecies

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  • 3:23 dani cryed

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  • That baby😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so good

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  • Man that zentai looks super weird on you

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  • You: OUCH You: your free trial of life has expired DIE Bee: oh sh Bee: dies*

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  • ted nivison was at the creek 👀

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  • Ummmmm the bananas we eat don't reproduce by getting pollinated because we selected a seedless individual and cloned it by cutting off sister plants. Soooooooo it's only peanut butter honey sandwiches that are in danger.

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  • 'It's open for beeznus'

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  • I'm falling in love... just saying.

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  • Why is your channel so wholesome? Thank you for existing.

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  • Somesay the baby still flies to this day

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  • It's cute how he say "wood worker" instead of "carpenter" 6:34

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  • and they’re like “my honeys better than yours”

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  • Fck I thought other bees are lookalike and pest so I just killed them I feel so bad now

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  • I have all types of bees in my garden, they're all cool, my favorite type of bee is the honeybees because they're so fluffy😂.

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  • bee are just big fumbling idiot's (edit) sorry just honey bees

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  • Sooo whens the update coming? :D Any bees in em yet?

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  • Imagine the baby seeing this video when there older

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  • Sad that milk in the creek as it's worse than most things to polute water as it completely removes oxygen and kills the fish

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  • theres a bee hive in my roof does that count

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  • 2:34

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  • “It’s open for Beeusiness” anyone one else instinctively point their head up, close their eyes and breathe a sigh of pain? Or jus me?

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  • “It’s open for Beeusiness” anyone one else instinctively point their head up, close their eyes and breathe a sigh of pain? Or jus me?

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  • You really used Hotel Habbo didn't you?

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  • besides all the jokes and sarcasm youre a good fucking guy man. you care about all types of animals

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  • Your baby is so wholesome

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  • i have bees but they all fly in my pool drown and die

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  • the milk might be from the over producing of milk and other products. restaurants that previously used huge wheels of cheese or giant vats of milk cant use it any more and the demand stops. this means a bunch of extra foodis left over because they cant resell it to homes. say you were given a giant wheel of cheese how would you cut it? how would you store it? same goes to places like a school the tiny milk cartons cant be sold a s everyday milk for homes and that also goes for other foods.

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  • I love carpenter bees because they are so friendly (at least to me)

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  • I stepped on a bee and it injected its little bee juice into my foot and it really really hurt

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