Scorpion CAN Cut a Person in Half with Heat | The Science of Mortal Kombat

After watching Kyle Hill on "Because Science" attempt to test whether Scorpion from Mortal Kombat could cut a person in half using a red hot chain i thought they did a rather bad job. So i decided to test whether pulling the chain and heating it up properly would assist it.
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  • You're my favorite Aussie content creator after Stimpee

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  • That wasn't a pork roast that you bought though ... It's one of the dozens that you got by dumpster diving back around Feb 2019 ... So it's fine that you can waste it 😅😂🍖

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  • I would literally die if a boy did this to me 🤤 🤩

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  • Fuck meat eaters

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  • Game theory

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  • ATM while im watching this video, im cutting real chicken legs to prepare it to marinate and cook it in the oven. wont be tasty as yours, but I will try

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  • I haven't heard that mortal combat movie theme in YEARS! Brings back childhood memories.

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  • So backyard science

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  • Thank you! That vid was SO LAME!

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  • See kust think scorpion is like some sort of devil dude so his chain would probably be way hotter

    jim smartjim smartUukausi sitten
    • Scorpion is a hell spawn of Hanzo Hasashi. He uses hellfire to heat his chain.

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  • He did a thing

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  • This guy is so funny that I don't even care about him making fun of the imperial system

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  • I mean I’ll keep my Fahrenheit and my guns thank you 😂😂

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  • Now, can Person cut red hot chain in Half with Scorpion?

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  • PUT SOME GOD DAMNED SHOES ON!!! I can’t stop watching your videos but your bare feet are stressing me out.

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  • 0:00 i have the exact same mug at home!!!

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  • I don't know why but i could smell the gas when you showed it on screen

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  • I like how Australians say: "How you're going?" when greeting. At first I was a little confused and answered, "by train", but I know understand it is a generic "how are you doing?".

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  • ('_")

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  • Nice to see your PPE is all in check.

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  • Did...did this man really say "How you going?" at the start of the video? As if he meant to say "How's it going?" but pressed the recording button a little late?

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    • It's actually a common phrase in Australia.

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    • You must be new here...

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  • Omg this guy knows what humor is💀😭

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  • Now attach it to a swinging arm that hits it

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  • you get a like just for the mortal kombat movie themesong

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  • the F in 1800F is not Fahrenheit, it is freedom units, DUH

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  • I enjoy how he doesn't have to censor the fatality in MK but he has the censor the meat. Oh boy.

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  • haha they spent thousands for the show, he spent 30

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  • The fact that the control group is just him pretending to use a chain makes me laugh.

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  • His furnacw looks like the forbidden rice cooker

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  • Some hipsters are going to steal the idea for a pop-up restaurant in California Bay

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  • To be fair, you get anything hot enough and it could cut through a person.

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  • Yea because people are made from only meat

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  • omg those moves are unfathamable! I cannot believe my eyes it has to be a deep fake! that was his body on jacky chans chain moves

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  • This video has more views than the video it’s dissing.

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  • Woke AF haiku

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  • scorpion whips it with great force tho

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  • Oh so yoyr the new character in mortal combat!

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  • That's uberdanger.

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  • 3:30 "like he works out so much... He can jump through a concrete floor.." Lmaooo Fit Human in real life lifts couch or fridge... Fit Human in Mortal Kombat jumps through floors and hovers XDDDD

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  • I like his music choices 😍

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  • Scorpion's chain was cutting the ground and those morons wondering if it can cut a human being.

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  • Remember watching that because science video, so embarrassingly rubbish, just 2 nerds gently resting some warm-ish chain over a bit of silicone 😂 channel went to shit from that point on.

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  • Mortal Kombat remix

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  • Does this guy don't like America just wondering

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  • Mate Scorpion is literally an Alien of course he can cut thru ppl with ez

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  • You have to take into account many different variables neither of you were perfect but I guess yours is more accurate if your trying to kill someone.

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  • I like the starry night mug tho

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  • of course he knows what a fleshlight is

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  • nice way to waste food

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  • Don't piss off an aussie. They will send their magpies after you.

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  • They did it with scorpion's video and sub-zero's video

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  • Go figure actual science would trump what 1 guy says

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  • This is how it was supposed to be done. Absolutely brilliant mate.

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  • It's Skorpion

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  • Bruh just imagine with the strength of Scorpion lol ez cutz

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  • As an American, I’m constantly reminded how inconvenient it is to see the world in Fahrenheit 😓

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  • both the videos by I did a thing and sufficiently advanced have pretty much the same views currently.

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  • Expensive lab: *not good enough* Side of your house: *PERFECTION*

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  • Do you want it raw cooked well done or BURNT LIKE A CHICKEN NUGGET

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  • Probably one of my favourite channels

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  • I randomly stumbled into this channel and its really good

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    • Cheers mate

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  • anyone know the hardstyle mortal combat song he uses?

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  • remember that scorpion has Superstrength

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  • This man deadass is bear foot, whats a legend

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  • You do have to consider about the bones though

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  • hey tungstun is having the highest melting point.He may be using it as the chain

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  • We understand metric 9mm 556 762 10mm

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  • I'm completely convinced.

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  • 2:56 in need holy water eye drops

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  • You keep making these comments about Americans You’re going to end up getting your ass kicked

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  • I really dont think that would break through bone. I mean like you said, it could weaken it but not just break through bone like that.

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  • Just saying that this doesn't matter. It works because the chain is heated to the point where it can melt stone so...

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  • Meanwhile, somewhere out there in this strange world, there is a man dancing alone without socks or shoes flinging chains around pretending to be a mortal kombat character in his backyard.

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  • Answer is: probably

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  • “This just isn’t how you cut stuff” I agree, I know that from experience cutting myself.

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