We used an ILLEGAL Covid Test from Wish!

This is an educational video. Demonstrating the dangers of purchasing covid tests online. Always see a trained health professional and never buy a test kit online.
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Sources: www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-01/coronavirus-at-home-test-kits-selling-in-the-chinese-community/12095658




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    • @ALEXANDRIA RAMEY who are you talking too? If your talking to me then please stop looking through my camera By the way this isn’t a joke I do have long hair and many say it’s soft (because it’s good) so for you to say that freaks me out, are you looking through my camera?

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    • my guy you hair looks soft af!!!

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  • whats with australian youtubers having random shit thrown at them on camera

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  • This proves my thesis that Australians don't car about being alive

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  • Your so hilarious you make my day

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  • Who's baby is that operating the camera?!?!

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  • 2:31 bruh

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  • I thought this was a science channel *_dies inside_*

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  • Uvula, epiglottis... who cares. Close enough

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  • no not the forbidden fleshlight....

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  • I just got a COVID test add before this lol

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  • me see's the covid informer under the video also me really youtube just really who agrees

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  • The dangly at the back of your throat is not called your epiglottis!

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  • Way too long. I hate it when I have to watch an almost entire video until it gets to the fucking point.

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  • Quack

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  • Bruh COVID am I right gang but the nerds on the other uuuuuuu 2 meters

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  • "But you know where the pricks come from"

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  • Am I the only one hoping that fake illegal test was infected already 👹 keep playing with fire 🔥 boys 👌 soon your time will come...

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    • Am I the only one that Hope's that you will shut your mouth ?

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  • i like your cut g

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  • The second test was an antibody test. You usually need to put 1 drop of some special solution on it with your blood, pondwater might work too xD

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  • Has anybody ever told you that you sound exactly like Jemaine Clement?

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  • I don't have time to finish the whole video.. can someone tell me whether they got him to say the N-word or nah?

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  • The Licc at 11:34

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  • 11:40

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  • Mans gonna be finding prawns in absurd spots around the property for decades to come........

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  • In the next episode we put things not in the pond.

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  • That’s not the epiglottis. The epiglottis is the flap of flesh that moves over your oesophagus or trachea when you want to breathe or swallow. The dangly bit is the uvula.

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  • The theme around 16:00 is The Death of Åse from Peer Gynt, if anyone's wondering.

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  • epic.

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  • Your micro chip wont give you super tracking w/ a kill switch. It will give you super cancer!

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  • "best place for youtubers who can't think of original video ideas" instantly subscribed because of the honesty hahahaha

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  • I thought he was headless before this video

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  • prawnhub.com

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  • I wanna know what that harpoon looking thing is and where to buy one

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  • Such low quality videos that ate shot at terrible angles and not zoomed in.... camera man is terrible

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    • Go easy on the baby

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  • i lost it when 15:57 came on

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  • It’s not exactly illegal but it’s not recommended..

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  • 9:28

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  • "Wish is superior to half of america" -This guy, 2020

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  • I completely understand why he didn’t show his face . He’s so attractive that people would follow him just for his looks.

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  • This show is fucking weird

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  • Why you look like masculine James Charles

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  • Being a student nurse and watching this gave me a headache. 😅

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  • Like this is cool and all but Where’s the face reveal ???

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  • i love the content but i think the thing that will help the most is better audio

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  • You’re always positive affect us gives it to you

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  • I can’t pick it up, it’s covered in fire...

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  • he has a head!

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  • Face reveal? psh More like abs reveal D:

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  • We have a clothing store called Kohls is the US and when you said Coles I immediately thought of the US clothing store selling prawns

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  • Stop talking and laughing. I cant hear anything but prawns. Wth lmmfao

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  • im scared of aussies more than ever now

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  • In 1918 the Spanish flu killed 20-25% of the population of the world. The Spanish went to south America in the 1600's (that date might not be totally accurate I'd have to freshen up on my history, but they went there around that time) they gave the locals smallpox and the flu out of an estimated 8 million people only 500 survived. 1.5 million dead in a population of 8.53 billion from covid is 0.00006%

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  • 6:20 I thought that was her a**ehole lol

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  • Honestly, the extremely racist neighbor weirdly really brings the show together.

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  • Poor pond

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  • I love the pond angle

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  • The online platform Wish used the FIFA World Cup in Russia specifically to increase brand awareness. Wish is a gateway to counterfeit and non-compliant products that break the law around the world. Wish is the world's largest attack on legal traders. This sales promotion company should be sanctioned for at least 10 years to avert further harm to consumers !

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  • I have a video about A Covid test that gives you Covid

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  • the way your face is i still cant tell what your face looks like

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  • This whole video was only made in order to get his mate cancelled for racism, truly a homie moment

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  • ur a menace to society (joke)

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  • Americans hear khols at first instead of coles. And we wonder why you would you by trunk shrimp from kohls lol

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  • I got a ad for a covid-19 test when I clicked on the video

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  • 0:44 in actuality being better than half of America is an easily surmountable achievement which Wish passes with flying colors

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  • 3:50 The dangling bit is the uvula, the epiglottis is the flap that closes your airways when swallowing food/water

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  • Ah, pond cam

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  • i got a wish ad before the video started lol

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  • There was actually an advertisement for Wish underneath your video 😂😂😂

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  • 17:50 Reminds me of the Heartworm tests we used on dogs when I worked at a vet clinic. We didn't drop anything in it though...Just the blood. That's why we needed enough blood to do it.

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  • He's beautiful. He should show his face more often

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  • That jawline looks like it's gonna curb stomp me

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  • Hehe chippies

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  • Man, didn't know _I did a thing_ had a glute stronger than steel

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  • The moustache man may not be racists but he is sexist. Look at him spreading those manly thighs so there isn’t enough room for everyone else, poor camera man has to stand on the table because of it.

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  • Sounds like god is disappointed in you 2

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  • this makes me stress about their well being 🤣 😭

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  • Bruh I would actively watch you guys do multiple episodes and seasons of this.

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  • I think the cheaper test just didnt come with a needle. These are antibody tests(so won't will only show when you have antibodies) I think it's a type of ELISA, if they are actual legit.

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  • Where is the fitness lifestyle video thank you

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  • you stick the swab up your nose and tickle your brain, its not a mouth swab.

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  • You know he's a true friend when he tries to get you cancelled for racism.

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  • This reminds me of Unus Annus

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  • chemist for pharma here: there are a LOT of quick test avaliable, like the one you saw. C field is probaply the control. wich means this should alwas show a reaktion otherwise the test can´t be evaluated. the test can do a lot of different types of detection. Pregancy, embolism, Viruses (Covid, Aids, ....) all kinds of stuff.

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that he looks like Vito Scaletta?

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  • This really felt like an Unnus Annus video

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  • Man looks like he the brother to joey lagano

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  • Is this just an excuse to do a show with... him? Anyways love it!

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  • Bruh. The epiglotis is the thing that dits down from your neck (so you can't see it from facing someone) and allows you to breath or swallow by blocking the corresponding tube.

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  • I love how the table slowly sinks further into the ground and gets more distorted as the video goes on

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  • If you want him to get cancelled, make him put on a black face mask against acne and the mouth thing from the video

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  • You did the test completely wrong. The swap needs to be so deep that you are close to throwing up. the other test should have a specific marker liquid with it. With water it won't work

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  • 9:31 Me when I coom

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