What is the hottest temperature you can cook an Egg?

Not since a kindergarten kid put some crisps in play-dough has there been a better combination than eggs on bread expect I dont have time to gently cook eggs in the morning anymore BUT i do have time to burn them!
Come see if i can find the perfect balance between time, taste and the maillard reaction!
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Sources used in video:
How to train your pet rat.




  • can someone please link me to the eggs song club remix?

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  • egg in a armpit . get me a straw. yummy!

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  • If we decrease the cooking time and gain some time, we will decrease our lifetime and lose some time and they cancel each other. So it's totally your decision to cook at a certain temperature

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  • Eggs might not be good with cancer but you know what is good with cancer? well nothing....

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  • 96.8 for primitive Americans.... 😂

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  • Basically papa franku s cousin

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  • Why are the insides of your eggs so strangely hard?

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  • You did that thumbnail knowing there are gays here.... I.

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  • The bad bacteria should be eliminated with a high temperature, even if it’s still runny It’s like with the traditional French omelette. Served runny in the inside

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  • How do you know what cigarettes taste like?

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  • I love eggs just as much! You can tell those are quality farm fresh eggs just by the color of the yolk.

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    • Or the chickens have beta carotene supplements in their feed.

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  • I don't speak farenheit

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  • Teflon melts at 327°C For the Americans 327°C in Fahrenheit And he had 400°C thats sounds not good Or is it Teflon ?

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  • Take a good look at the thumbnail, I’m pretty sure that is not the hottest temperature, and why just why

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  • Omelet hovercraft

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  • 4:09 1100°C = 1373K 36°C = 313K 1373/313 = 4,39 Times hotter (In terms of thermal energy)

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  • I ended up watching 5 minutes crafts after this

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  • Fun fact: all eggs sold in Australia have happy little messages on them.

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