YouTube's Worst Blacksmith Makes a Viking Axe!

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Decided to give blacksmithing another go.
Spring shoes video:
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    • Hello fellow cowboy fan :]

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    • @I did a thing LOL

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  • This guy is SO sarcastic....I love it!

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  • Ur going to need to use honey to buy a new keyboard

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  • My brain decided to commit die when I saw him putting honey on his keyboard

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  • when you placed the file in the edge of the axe, you had essentially done what the Japanese did to make katanas. Since the Japanese couldn't melt steel, they would use different carbon steels in different sections of the blade to make it somewhat usable. That being said, quenching with this is a horrible idea mostly due to the different heat capacities of the different carbon steels. In order to prevent the cracking, you should have either gotten rid of the file or used clay as an insulation coating. On the bright side, only hardening the edge of the axe probably was a good idea and prevented too much cracking.

    Nash BellowNash BellowPäivä sitten
  • That actually looks really nice

    Brady CochraneBrady CochranePäivä sitten
  • .

    Mofu MofuMofu Mofu2 päivää sitten
  • Legend has it that there once was a metal worker without scars on his arms.....

    Andy StewartAndy Stewart2 päivää sitten
  • that honey at the end made me extremely uncomfortable but also really satisfying

    Psychotic DagedarPsychotic Dagedar2 päivää sitten
  • The honey part triggered me.

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  • Vivaldi :)

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  • The poor razer lycosa keyboard

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  • im pretty sure he made a axeident

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  • anyone know what the song played during the hammering part is called

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  • Ok I only like it because of the smoothest ad transetion

    Alex BellemlihAlex Bellemlih5 päivää sitten
  • did you work out before you started the video your arms are noticingly veiny lol

    ChampionLinkChampionLink5 päivää sitten
  • Fun fact: the double headed axe has two heads because one is for splitting and the other is for cutting branches

    Bo HargroveBo Hargrove6 päivää sitten
  • dud u are the tru viking congrats

    BigDBigD6 päivää sitten
  • Double headed axe are for combat so you don't have to turn the axe

    Sarah MellingerSarah Mellinger7 päivää sitten
  • One time I made 3 throwing hatchets just for fun

    Pasta BowlPasta Bowl7 päivää sitten
  • I feel bad for your Nabors

    Tommy BiekerTommy Bieker7 päivää sitten
  • You actually drank that?

    Ridvan PilottRidvan Pilott7 päivää sitten
  • God I love the part where that lady is yelling “YAH GARY”

    Kurtney EmichKurtney Emich7 päivää sitten
  • Bahahahaha the reason a double headed axe was made is actually in the Viking days they did do a graceful swing and hit people from the back and in the front

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  • Honestly the best honey ad i've ever seen.

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  • Alex of the magpie clan

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  • Can you actually drink rust water I don’t want to get poisoned

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  • Bruh u wore shoes! Good job you are doing good buddy

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  • 10:17 *villager refuses to trade*

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  • well you made an viking/executioner axe

    Matous SvobodaMatous Svoboda10 päivää sitten
  • Good job Gary

    EbonyEbony11 päivää sitten
  • ah i see he speaks villager

    elliott fosterelliott foster11 päivää sitten
  • The honey part has me in shock and instantly turned a hard 'bone' to softness

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  • The dirty water joke is that true or not I don't know and could he respond or something

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  • What bike

    Extreme RidersExtreme Riders12 päivää sitten
  • I just wanted to say that double headed axes were made for fighting

    Roman VassmanRoman Vassman12 päivää sitten
  • sorry that wont no one will ever get to install honey by seeing this video because most o sorry all of them them died from OCD from the honey keyboard

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  • When he put the honey on his keyboard,I cringed

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  • Smart sponsor

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  • To test the strength of my axe 14:06 cOmE oN gArRy

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  • What’s this song called 7:46

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  • We are proud

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  • 10:02 when you meet a villager in minecraft

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  • It's ok I didn't need my retina's anyway.

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  • Dog shit welds

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  • fam when he got to the "today's sponsor is honey", i was like "oh my god this dude"

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  • You sound and act like boffy

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  • WAR HAMER!!!!!!!!

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  • i can beat you with that title

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  • I see what you did there, it was reverse psychology! In reality, you are the FIstarts best blacksmith and you made an awesome axe! Not sure about the honey on the keyboard though, I tried it and now have an ant infestation!

    Stewart SmithStewart Smith20 päivää sitten
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  • Forbidden hot chocolate 3:46 🍫

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  • A two bladed axe is for battle hence the name battle axe

  • I like the obstacle course

    JJJJ26 päivää sitten
  • Tbh I would have done worse

    Just_some_anime_wee bJust_some_anime_wee b27 päivää sitten
  • To Honey: The gentleman you chose to support in the above video is hilarious and a creative genius with consistently watchable videos, and I personally have all post notifications turned on for him because of this. He is a creator you should continue to choose to support in the future. Thank you.

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  • I would buy that axe

    Trey HutchinsonTrey Hutchinson28 päivää sitten
  • Oh, and that's a dane axe by the looks of it, not a norse axe. They totally used it though.

    Melanoc3tus IIMelanoc3tus II29 päivää sitten
  • "historically accurate" Please tell me you're joking.

    Melanoc3tus IIMelanoc3tus II29 päivää sitten
  • That was the weirdest Honey commercial i've ever seen

    Ryan DiBiaseRyan DiBiaseUukausi sitten
  • 1:50 u have very small nails

    Daniel GoldDaniel GoldUukausi sitten
  • Gymnopédie No. 1 perfectly emulates the feeling of a rainy day inside

    C HeeeC HeeeUukausi sitten
  • shoes

    aidan portaidan portUukausi sitten
  • This is still one of the smoothest transitions to a sponsorship to this day

    TheLuckystar 10TheLuckystar 10Uukausi sitten
  • The shear amount of amazing videography in this video with climaxes of song and action and the lows of humor and explanations FIstart’s perfect video

    Michael Plays GamesMichael Plays GamesUukausi sitten
  • But will it keel ?

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  • 6:24

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  • That was the best Segway to honey

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  • Seeing him dip his fingers in honey then rubbing the keyboard. Made me 🤬🤯😱😱😬

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  • I love your videos mate, but I'm sorry... no... just no... there's a line...

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  • The purpose of the Double Bit Axe head is to have one side razor sharp and the other side more dull and rounded. Use the razor sharp side for chopping and cutting, and use the duller, rounded side for splitting.

    Aaron MendozaAaron MendozaUukausi sitten
  • nooooooooooooo not the keyboard noooooooooooooooo

    A. Mina HurtA. Mina HurtUukausi sitten
  • 7:45 what song is this it sounds so good

    DeckDeckUukausi sitten
  • You use a double headed axe for combat

    Sigge SjolinSigge SjolinUukausi sitten
  • The toddlers who eat glue are the ness mains in smash

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  • hey man I can tell alot of effort went into this vid, so I actually got honey and used your code. love the vids keep it up but really stop blacksmithing in flipflops and t shirts

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  • Wow I loved the transition you did for the add! Best I have ever seen on a FIstart video. Keep it up. Also more feet please.

    Nolan RamosNolan RamosUukausi sitten
  • Does anybody know what that violin song is?

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage KiraUukausi sitten
  • I dont understand how u can EXPLORE UNDER A BRIDGE? Ur in AUSTRALIA??? Theres all kind of spiders, snakes, alligators, aliens, copys of me and all other sorts of the devils pets there!!

    E7_HeavenE7_HeavenUukausi sitten
  • As definitely not an axe historian I always assumed the double sided axe was so you didn't have to immediately re-sharpen it when it got dull.

    Desmond DesjarlaisDesmond DesjarlaisUukausi sitten
  • 2 headed axe because when one side dulls you have a second side thats still sharp to cut so you can cut more and longer before having to quite to sharpen it

    themeez1000themeez1000Uukausi sitten
  • 1:45 when your cutting for a long time and one side gets dull, u might not be able to sharpen it and thats very time consuming, so having a double sided means after 1 end is dull than you just turn it over to the other side and its sharp again, its a long term investment plus its more weight so u can get stronger when using it

    ElectricVortex 7ElectricVortex 7Uukausi sitten
  • what did i watch

    straightpostedupstraightpostedupUukausi sitten
  • I love how he looked up Viking axe with scale

    La Gamer FuelLa Gamer FuelUukausi sitten
  • You should put a little bit of a spike at the bottom of the axe so you can have it standing up

    WireToastWireToastUukausi sitten
  • Ey! Tip from one of those dwarven smiths: don’t wear gloves, you won’t get as bad burns, the scale will more often just bounce off, when wearing gloves its trapped against your skin just burning away.

    Broadus ThompsonBroadus ThompsonUukausi sitten
  • As a Viking Decendent, I approve of this axe

    ChrisDimensionsChrisDimensionsUukausi sitten
  • what chaps aren't assless. I haven't seen any ass chaps. also the weld problem isn't you. you just shouldn't weld an axe. forge the hole outward not by bending

    Thomas PankiewiczThomas PankiewiczUukausi sitten
  • The ad made me laugh fr

    KwinKwin Swedish GoGannesKwinKwin Swedish GoGannesUukausi sitten
  • The double headed ax was created so when one side became dull you could switch to the other

    Pocket lint ProductionsPocket lint ProductionsUukausi sitten
    • Just bring two axes. And anyway who doesn't keep there blade sharp? You don't just use it until it's dull unless your a moron

      Matthew BubbMatthew Bubb12 päivää sitten
  • best Segway ever

    BFGBFGUukausi sitten
  • honesty not bad man

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  • trying to find those origami axe plans.... where did you find them?

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  • A car so you’re butt

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  • in tried drinking that oil stuff and i almost died

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